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Jose Gonzalez – Step Outside

So the weather in Bulgaria has been very foggy lately, including in Sofia, which is actually quite normal for the season. A couple of nights ago, despite feeling absolutely tired after the long day, I decided to get out there and try to see it from above the fog by going up Vitosha mountain. Initially I drove up to this viewing point (called The Hoof, interestingly enough) which is easy to access and gives you a great view of the city. This is what I was rewarded with…


Yep, those are indeed stars over Sofia 🙂


I love how the fog was creeping up the mountains, engulfing half of the houses…


Yet, from that point you can’t see half the city so I decided to take it a step further, continuing on foot and hiking up for an hour to…

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I wanna write something that will change the world , who doesnt right? But where to start ? From my bed ? Or the back of my head ? I feel numb on the inside when im brainstorming maybe because my nerve isnt that strong . So maybe i wait for the light to pop out of my head and then only write. To be frank , im not that good on writing . For instant , dude look at the intro . Its already fucked up ! Ciaolo my karnal